Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

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Our “Wool Dryer Balls” are currently available in a set of 3 balls, only in color cream.

Benefits of Using Wool Dryer Balls —

— Wool is natural and sustainable and does not damage clothes.

— Reduces Energy by cutting down on drying time helping clothes dry 20-30% faster.

— Cost-Effective compared to dryer sheets

How To Use —

These dryer balls will prevent laundry from clumping together while in the dryer, by tumbling  between layers and separating fabric. They also absorb any extra water in the machine. 

Safe for all fabric types. Clothing will not be affected!

Simply add several drops of fragrance to each ball first, then toss 3 balls into the dryer with a load of laundry. There is no need to refresh fragrance drops for each load. Add more drops after fragrance begins to fade.

For best results, do not over dry.

DO NOT PLACE BALLS INTO THE WASHER MACHINE balls are intended for use in the dryer ONLY!

** 100% Natural Organic Wool Dryer Balls // eco friendly **